The Basic Cost

Average cabinet repaint by a professional paint company

Let’s first start by breaking down the procedure and talk about how long it takes to do each step!

  • Number and remove cabinet doors and drawers

    This is an important step if done wrong its a nightmare to put things back together after painting. To number, unscrew hinges and hardware can take 1 to 2 men 3 to 4 hours to pull apart and organize. Most painters charge anywhere from $50-$60 per hour / per man. For the sake of this blog post well be in the middle at $55 hr x 6 man hours = $330.00

  • Clean cabinets

    Cabinets must be cleaned to remove cooking grease and oils from hands constantly touching them. If not cleaned properly there could be adhesion issues down the road. So spraying Krud Kutter and giving the cabinets a good once over can take 2 men about an hour = $110.00

  • Masking and covering floors

    If spraying your cabinet boxes, doors and drawers in your home, there is a lot of masking involved. To spray your doors we make a spray booth in your garage with zip walls and thin plastic. Then we cover your floors in kitchen, and all the pathways to and from the front door to not track dust. We mask off the inside, outside of cabinets, countertops, microwave, ovens, dishwasher, walls, ceilings pretty much everything we are not spraying. This will take 3 men all day to complete. 24 man hours = $1,320.00

  • Sand, vacuum and prime

    Next step is to lightly sand every inch of cabinets and vacuum. Once vacuumed we tack cloth, then spray primer. After primer is dry the grain raises and will need to be sanded again and checked for caulking, dings and dents. Another 24 man hours =$1320.00

  • Spraying cabinets

    Cabinets are prepped and primed it’s time to spray. The best jobs take two to three coats of finish (especially oak since the grain is so deep). Spraying two coats of paint and sanding between coats will take another 24 man hours = $1,320.00

  • Putting back together

    The things that will add more time to the final day is changing hardware or hinges. This can be a half day project or sometimes a long day if there are a lot of changes being made. Drilling holes for new hardware $250.00 installing new hinges, hanging doors, adjusting doors, touch ups and finally removing masking to reveal the new kitchen will take another 24 man hours. $1,320.00

  • Materials

    Add $50.00 for paper, tape and plastic. Plus $400-$500 for paint and primer.

Prices are a ballpark estimate only. There are many factors on a project that can affect the cost. Schedule an on-site estimate to get an exact quote on your project.

Average Pricing