Kevin Maller's Story


I started painting houses with my father and his paint company, C&K Painting, in the summer of 1996. My father taught me how to brush, roll, mask, caulk, and most importantly how to clean a brush properly. Since then I have worked for several paint companies where I learned to spray oils, lacquers and all waterbased finishes. After 15 years of painting in 2012, I decided to get licensed and start Maller Painting Company! Since 2012 my team and I have focused our attention on being the best in our area at re-painting for our residential clients.

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My Great Grandfather, Harry Maller left South Dakota in 1902 and settled in Banks, Oregon in 1903. Today “MALLER RD” is right off of Highway 26 on your way to Seaside, Oregon. Mallers Mini Barn, established in the 1970’s, sits right off the highway across the street from my Grandmother, Aileen Maller. The red mini barn re-painted by Maller Painting Company in 2013 sells local berries, nuts and produce when in season. So next time your on your way to the coast from portland keep your eye out for the Mallers Mini Barn just west of “MALLER RD.”

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I married my beautiful wife Melissa Maller in 2011. I’m the proud father of two girls, Ruby Lou born in July, 2013 and Ayla Rose, born in June 2017. Also, father to a French Bulldog named Major Bacon.

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