Beaverton is one of the most prominent suburbs in Oregon. Located in the north part of Oregon’s Washington County, it has a lot of attractive features to offer tourists. From museums to nature parks and concerts, they have it all.

If you are an outdoors person all about embracing nature, then Tualatin Hills Nature Park should be at the top of your list. The park is like a small forest inside the city. Whether you opt for a nature walk, bike ride, or simply a picnic, you are guaranteed to have a full-on nature experience. Also see Cornelius.

Art On Broadway Art Gallery

For art lovers, there is the Art On Broadway Art Gallery that hosts over twenty local artists, each with beautiful stories to tell in an art form. The Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14 is the place to go for theatre lovers. It has a wide choice in size and type of theatre experience depending on your liking. They also have a menu with diverse options depending on your taste. Learn more here.


Nike Company Store

A trip to Beaverton isn’t done without a trip to the Nike Company Store. Although access is via invite-only, it is worth it. There is a variety of various Nike products, and they come at great discount prices. Definitely worth a check.