Tualatin, Oregon, is a city located in the southern part of Washington County. It is arguably one of the few cities that are still in touch with its ice-age past. 

When in Tualatin, there are a few attractions that you have to check out. A trip here is not complete if you have not visited any of these places. Visit Sherwood, as well.

Escape Space Games

For team building activities or bonding between friends, it doesn’t get any better than Escape Space Games. Here they design theme rooms that have various puzzles, clues, and mysteries. The aim of the whole thing is to escape the room, but to do this, the whole group has to be in cohesion and work to decrypt the clues and solve the puzzles that have been put. Find more information here.


If you are leaning more towards shopping and exploring, then Cabela’s should work for you. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, you get pleasure from just exploring through the store. When looking for souvenirs, they definitely have something for you. The store stocks all kinds of things, from house decorations to toys and other stuff. It is also good as a drive-through shop when heading somewhere. Ample parking and friendly staff are guaranteed.