Sherwood has a lot of activities to offer residents and visitors alike. There is something in it for everyone to engage in regardless of your preferences and interests. See Beaverton, as well.  

Railroad Street Antique Mall

For shopping enthusiasts or if you are looking to bag yourself a souvenir, Railroad Street Antique Mall is perfect for you. Here you will find treasures and collectible items at reasonable prices. The staff are very friendly to customers, and the atmosphere over there is calm and welcoming of guests. Look here for more facts.


However, if you are feeling more of the Christmas cheer, Sleighbells farm and gift shop should suit you. There you will find holiday treats and other collectible Christmas items such as ornaments and villages. It is an excellent place for the kids to take a picture with Santa. 


NW Growlers

If neither of these suits you and you are looking for a place to have drinks with your buddies as you catch up, then NW Growlers is definitely worth a check. They have a wide selection of brews on draft and in growlers, too, as the name suggests. The selection of beer here is to die for and is a must-go for all those beer lovers out there. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff are amiable and offer great service.